The Power of Little Things

Sep 21, 2011


It seemed like such a little thing at the time. Every time I left my parents’ home my mom would walk to the door and wave.  I would beep the horn in response as I drove away. Our little ritual that spoke volumes to me. Today years after my mom’s passing I would give anything to see her wave.

 Little things. You do them and so doI.Little text messages which send care across the miles.  One brief email that reminds the receiver that they are still important.  A smile.  A greeting. A call or visit. A whispered thank you.  A shared moment.

 Funny how sometimes the little unexpected trip to the store to purchase an item for someone can leave a memory which lingers long after a life.

 Pressed violets included in a letter remind me today of a love that spanned the  miles.

 Little things do matter.  Butterfly kisses. A hot cup of coffee. A word of wisdom.

 We tend to focus on the big things, don’t we? But more often than not it’s those little things that communicate the best.

 Pay attention to the little things today.  It is so true. The little things do make a BIG difference.