The Power Of One Decision

Mar 16, 2012


It all started years ago when Denise Castelli experienced a tragic accident. I was moved as I read not only about her loss of a leg but also how she is now part of the CNN Fit Nation Challenge. You can read about it yourself  here-


Daughter's challenge is one for father too


What inspired me is the impact of her decision on the life of her father. Denise’ dad is now changing his own eating habits by dealing with emotional eating habits and serving sizes. Yes, her decision led to a huge decision in the life of her father which will improve his health leading to even more positive changes.


No one is an island. One decision you make today can have a rippling impact on many more than you can ever realize.


We spoke about it the other day at the table.

“Imagine how important it was that Nana was a nurse and at that very hospital where Papa went.” Papa was serving in the army and developed a fever so ended up being admitted to  Allentown General Hospital in 1945. There he met Nana who was a nurse.

“Why if they hadn’t met, there wouldn’t have been you.” Two pairs of eyes stared at me.

I swallowed and grinned.  Awesome thought.

“And if there hadn’t been you….where would we be?”

I chuckled at the thought.

“God had a plan. And it was for them to meet and for me to be. And for you to be mine.”

One powerful decision after another.

Guided. Led by the Unseen Hand.

Tenderly cared for and protected.


So what decision do you need to make? Remember that decision might very well set off a ripple of other decisions.


In His Time. In His Time. He makes all things beautiful in His Time, doesn’t He?

Trust Him today and rejoice as you live each moment knowing that your decisions are powerful.