The Problem That Wouldn’t Go Away

Sep 17, 2022

It had been a hard season. Very hard.

Challenges and problems galore-

when  suddenly I began realizing that something was wrong.

Very wrong.

I was exhausted.

My get up and go had got up and left.

And no matter how hard I tried to keep going

I could tell the difference.

My strength was depleted.

My smile superficial.

And every effort I made to correct this was ineffective.

Lord, help me I prayed.

I long to serve Him all of my days

And I began to wonder if my days were drawing to a close.

Wherever I looked I saw broken people

and heard their cries.

But deep within I knew I was bone weary

too weary to be much earthly good.

As I prayed and talked with the Lord

I sensed Him urging me to take time away.

So I booked

not just one week

but two weeks

to stay in Maine.

 An extravagance but I was desperate.

It was an amazing two weeks.

Just amazing. Long walks by the ocean, deep sleep without pressures.

Kind friends, many many ice cream cones. All surrounded by sea air and the sound of the ocean.


ever so slightly I began to renew.

Moments under the early morning stars

and quiet talks with the Lord

refreshed my wilting spirit

bringing me strength and hope

for the days to come.

Now back home and working easily from morning to evening

I’m aware how different I feel.

My body smoothly runs a few miles

and wacks those tall weeds,

my creative energy continues to bubble forth

and my spirit,

yes, my spirit

is genuinely glad to be alive.

I’m reminded again

That there is a time to work and a time to rest.

Like Jesus asleep in the boat

We too must give ourselves permission to rest

In order that we are renewed within.

It’s strange though how easily I could have continued

to press forward

even ineffectively.

in my broken state

It was difficult to rest.

Our Lord knows that too.

So today

I am whispering to you across the miles

take time to rest and renew.

Rest is sacred too.



  1. Donna

    I just came across a book of yours that one of my friends gave me (“The Power to Keep Going”) I’m excited to start reading it! But, this morning I looked up your website & I’m really enjoying ALL I’m reading! God has truly given you a heart of compassion & understanding, to touch others with. I just read your entry on Sept 17, 2022 ( The Problem that Wouldn’t go Away) LOVED IT. ALL YOU WROTE! It’s so good hear that others need time away to refresh themselves from all the ‘giving out’. Thank you Sharon. I look forward to my ‘new read’… ( your book)!

    • SharonBrani

      Your words of encouragement bless my soul. Thank you for sharing them. I hope you enjoy that book and some of the other’s I’ve written. His faithfulness is new every morning.


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