The Relaxing Power of Music

Aug 31, 2011

It was a gray day inVirginia. The low hanging clouds and chill in the air gave a whisper that autumn was on its way. And although autumn brings to mind football games and crunchy apples, on this particular day my spirits dragged.

 The passing of my Mom brought a painful emptiness inside. The sudden loss of my older brother added to my gnawing sadness. Financial pressures. Decisions. And then, wherever I turned something needed fixing.

 Single parenting certainly has its moments. Along with being  teacher, cook, chauffeur, and doctor, plumber and mechanic are on my list of roles.  Even after many years of experience I still am not a plumber or mechanic. So the toilet that refused to flush properly, the leaking refrigerator and the broken garbage disposal headed my list of repairs for the day.

 My spirits sank even lower just thinking about the things that needed attention.

 But then through the early morning mist I heard the faint chirping of a bird.

 My heart lifted with sheer delight and I turned my head to see where the bird could be. But I saw nothing and slowly proceeded back to my home. And then I heard it again. A faint, delicate trill.

 My heart beat faster with joy. Absolute joy.

 Once more the chores of the day faded into the background.

 It has always been that way for me. Music has a way of lifting me into another realm that truly relaxes and calms.

 Yes research has shown that music has the power to not only soothe but also to heal.  The “music” of the earth affects our brainwaves causing a healing in our cells and organ. The music we choose to listen also impacts our brain. Yes, from Bach to rock, we are either stimulated or relaxed by the music we choose to listen to.

 Hearing the simple trill of a solitary bird reminded me once again of the power of music to lift the spirit and energize. It wasn’t long before I was back inside playing my favorite CDs. From the soothing melodies of Tim Janis, to the classics of Mozart and Brahms, to a praise and worship melody- I find that music leads me to a place of peace and hope and healing.

 Choose your music carefully. Not all music is relaxing. Nor is it all beneficial for the mind, body and soul.

 But music is a gift which when used properly can lift your spirits and add color to any gray day.

Have you discovered the relaxing, healing power of music? If  not, take some time to explore the power of music today. You’ll be amazed.


  1. Kathy

    You probably could have guessed I’d like this one…for lots of reasons.
    Thanks, Sharon !

  2. heartprintscoaching

    I’m so glad that you liked it Kathy! Your musical gift blesses many.

  3. Beth Reinke

    You know, so many of my CDs sit silent in the player, when I could be listening to their lively melody or healing balm. Love this reminder about the power of music to lift us up. Thanks Sharon! “;o)

    • heartprintscoaching

      As the stress goes up, my music listening goes up. Glad this reminder blessed you, Beth.


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