The Sun Always Shines

Feb 29, 2012

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Virginia. Sun shining. Flowers blooming. Warmer temperatures. Yes, it was definitely a take off your coat and throw open the windows day.

I expected another day like yesterday.

My plans were set. I even had in mind just what I would wear for the day.

But I awoke to the drip, drip, drip of rain.


By ten o’clock the heavens had opened and covered us with a ‘build your ark’ rain.

Changes had to be made.

From different clothes to be worn to another plan of activities.


When it is raining I like to think about the girl over on the West Coast who is basking in the sun. I remember the joys of flying and rising high above the clouds to where the sun was still shining. Just remembering that the sun shining brightly right at this very moment is an encouragement to me. An uplift as I run in and out of our home trying to dodge the pelting rain.

Changes of weather are part of life.

Change is part of life.

Yes, we all are creatures of habit. We like the same pews, the same foods, the same friends, etc same……

But like the sun that always shines, God is the only One Who never changes.

Yes, I oftentimes long to prevent change and draw my favorite things close to me like a mother holding onto her children. But I know my efforts are futile.

Change will come. Change is now.

Maybe it’s more important to think about ways to deal with change when it does come rather than trying so hard to stop it.

Every change that comes has a purpose in our lives if only to draw us closer to the One Who never changes.

‘Thou changest not, Thy compassions, they fail not’. (Great is Thy Faithfulness)

Rainy days. Sunny ones. Spring. Summer. Fall and Winter.

His Love shines brightly drawing us to Himself.

Rest in His Unchanging Love today. He will never fail you.

Remember that precious truth when all around you is like rainy weather.

The sun always shines.





  1. Robyn P.

    Oh yes. I have learned to take the rain and see it as beautiful and part of the process in both life and in the spirit realm. You are so right about change, it will come, it must come, it has come…but God, He never changes and that is the most comforting thought in my world. Thanks for sharing.

    • heartprintscoaching

      He always goes before every change, every curve in the path. He is always preparing us in advance. Blessings, Robyn. Thanks for your comments.


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