The Sweetest Christmas Story – part 2

Dec 13, 2017

Excitement mounted as I waited and watched for the package from the agency in Russia.

The long awaited video of my soon to be adopted little girl.

My daughter and I stared out the window the day hardly able to contain our joy

but the sun set  with no package delivered.

Could the recent snowfall have delayed the delivery?

One more disappointment.  Lump in throat moment.

But a call later confirmed that the package HAD been delivered.

Not to our house, though.

Grabbing my coat and hat I opened the front door and stepped out into the cold winter night.

“Where can it be?”

I didn’t know but I knew that it was somewhere.

So we stepped through the deep snow and began walking

and praying.

Please Lord, where is the package? Show us.

Suddenly as I crossed the street I had the strangest nudge

to ask at a certain home.

I didn’t know who lived there but the light was on.

Walking up the snowy front walk my heart beat with anxious hope.

Had the package been delivered here?

I knocked on the front door and a man came to answer it.

Can I help you?

In a few words I explained about the missing package-

how it had been wrongly delivered somewhere.

He reached behind him and held up a package in his hands.

Joy overflowing. Praising moments as together my daughter and I

practically skipped  through the snow

to our home.

Finally this was it.

My hands trembled as I ripped open the box and pulled out a video.

Within seconds I had it in the player and ready to play.

I can still see that moment as we sat on the floor gazing at the screen.

After weeks and months and yes, years of waiting soon we  would see her face.

And then suddenly, there she appeared on the screen.

Precious and shy. Tiny and adorable.

My arms ached to reach out and pick her up as tears trickled down my face.

I glanced down at my daughter and saw that she too was moved.

“She’s our Jenny,” I said quietly knowing my child.

My arms wrapped around my daughter with sheer relief after all the waiting.

And overflowing  joy.

My eyes told me she was a precious little girl

and my heart told my she was mine.

The next steps would unfold quickly as I got my airplane tickets

and prepared to fly to Russia for the first trip of a two trip process.

As I turned away I suddenly had a thought.

What was her birth date?

So I rewound the tape and played it again.

There it was in big bold letter.

February 14, 2000.

A Valentine baby.

And for me – the sweetest gift from the Lord.


  1. Roland Crim

    What a miracle: not knowing where the package was delivered. It could have been anywhere. Yet, you were drawn to a certain house, to find that is where the package had been delivered. Wow, you have certainly have first hand seen the Lord work in your life. What a beautiful testimony. We who believe and have seen God work in our lives have such a blessing. It is so wonderful that our God would look down on us mere mortals with so much love, compassion, and mercy. I am ready to move on to part 3. Thanks so much for sharing this from your life. I enjoy reading how God works in others lives. God bless you!

    • SharonBrani

      Thank you, Roland. I know the wonder of being obedient and the importance of following Him that you so wonderfully write about. He is far greater than our grandest thoughts. Thank you for your kind words.


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