The Sweetest Christmas Story

Dec 13, 2017

Christmas stirs up many memories

Memories of trips to Russia

and the first time I saw my daughters.

Memories that will live within me for a life time

but have taken me years to write.

Because they move me deeply.

I had never planned to adopt a second child.

No, life was good parenting my only daughter.

But at age 7 she tugged at my heart again and again

with these simple words.

“We have so much love in our family. Can’t we share it with another little girl?”

My immediate no was changed to yes on a weekend trip to the beach in October.

I walked back and forth


seeking God’s Will.

Back and forth many times.

I had to get it right.

There I sensed it clearly while the waves lapped the cool sand

and  the wind tosseled my  hair.


So I immediately began to pursue a second adoption.

How I manage it all? Only God knew.

But He seems to like to do the unusual, the unexpected

to show His Glory.

So in a few months I was flying to Ukraine.

Hopes high.

Seeking His Will.

But the trip that began with so much excitement and joy

ended after 3 weeks with no child.

A failed adoption they called it.

There’s no words to describe the pain of that loss.

Carefully I hid away the little clothes I had purchased and those tiny pink shoes.

It was too hard to look at them.

God’s Will does not always lead to outward success.

No, sometimes He allows us to experience painful loss.

Loss that hurts but loss that He, the Greatest Healer, knows just how to treat.

It was 2 years after this unexpected loss

that I began again my search for that little girl

who needed  her forever family.

Delays are never delays in God’s eyes —only preparation time.

That’s exactly what it was

as my daughter and I waited for God’s time.

God will make a way

where there seems to be no way.

He works in ways we cannot see.

He will make a way for me…..and you.

Do you need to hear those words today?

They are so true. You can trust God’s timing, His Plan.

Love keeps working behind the scenes for you and for me.

The day I was told by the adoption agency to expect a package

I knew that the time had finally arrived


  1. Roland Crim

    What a very heart warming share Sharon Beth. It is at times difficult for us to wait, and even face failures and delays, yet, God’s time is perfect. Blessed are we when we truly come to the point of realizing that fact, and can rest knowing He provides all that we need, in His time. Thanks for sharing this event from your life. God bless you!

    • SharonBrani

      Thank you, Roland, for your kind words. You are so right – God’s time is always perfect. In that we rest. Thank you so very much.


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