There is Always Hope. Always

Nov 18, 2011


We live in troubled times. Problems abound. The cries of hurt and pain can be heard wherever you go. Like the black of the night sky it is easy to think that suffering, defeat and disappointment are all there is.


  there is more than blackness in the night sky. Yes, if you look closely, you will begin to see stars. Beautiful, twinkly stars that light up the dark night sky. Do you see them?

Some people only see blackness. Some see stars. What about you?

Our perspective enables us to see the truth. A false belief clouds the truth and makes it difficult to see what is there.

This past week I faced some disappointments, handled a few challenges, waded through some tough situations and attempted to untie a couple of knots. I wish that I could say that I was always successful. But I was not. No, some problems still exist. A few knots are still there and yes a tough situation or two await solving.

But in the midst of the challenges the truth shines brightly for all to see.

“I am with you.”  -Matt.28.:20

“You are not alone.” Heb.13:5

“You are deeply loved.” Jer. 31:3

“I am your Hope.” Rm 15:13

My heart soars when I remember that He still shines. There is always hope.

So whatever you are experiencing today, look for the stars. Keep your eyes on the Hope.

And as you dwell on the Light you might just begin to see some difficulties in a new way.

I can. How about you?