Tough Moments, Tender Hearts

Jan 3, 2023

Well it’s January 2023 and I’m glad to embrace a new year. There is something about a fresh start that motivates and fills me with hope. New calendars and new beginnings – we all need them.

We all live in a fallen world and deal with tough situations. There are no perfect families. And most of what we experience is pretty normal. The goodness you invest in your world will be criticized. You’re kids will get angry. You will have tough moments. That’s just part of living in this world.

The hard part is when we start feeling alone. It’s too easy to blame your life on someone else or to be hurt by folks who are self absorbed. And honestly, today there is increased mental illness and our culture is falling apart. Many children struggle. Families are hurting. There are more irregular people than ever before.

But, here’s the good news, we can move forward as we hold onto God’s promises. We can handle one tough situation after another. You are not alone, tender heart. Life can be very hard. Difficult moments can seem to last forever. But keep building hope, beauty and love into your relationships. Tend your family. And trust God who has promised to help you through everything.

Tough moments teach us lasting lessons. His faithfulness is new every day. And remember this- you are never alone. There are no perfect families- no perfect lives.  


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