Transforming Disappointments

Mar 2, 2021

Disappointment stings.

And sometimes no matter how much you tell yourself

  there are factors

   its not personal

   its ok

inside your heart you feel disappointed.

I wish I could take it away,

  wash it away,

  scrub the pain away

  throw it in the trash

but I just can’t.

But this I can do.

I can remember this.

No pain is ever wasted

No actions are ever useless

No sorrow is ever for nothing

No God

  uses it for good.

That’s the economy of God.

No waste.

He uses every disappointment

 To build us

  To mold  us

  To shape us

Into all He wants us to be.

His vessels.

His servants.


So if you are dealing with disappointment today.

Remember this.

His Love for you is everlasting

 And there are no disappointments with God.

Suddenly I feel abit lighter.

How about you?



  1. Kiley

    How does one sign up for coaching?


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