Two Letters

Feb 14, 2012

Two simple letters rest on my desk this morning. Seemingly small. Insignificant.

Why they probably would not get your attention if you saw them.

But they mean the world to me.

One is in a red handmade envelope with Mommy written on the front.

The contents too precious to share. Written from the heart of my young daughter.

The other in a long white envelope.

Lined notebook paper. Black ink. Simple words that melt this mother’s heart.

Letters that surprised me today. Better than any store bought cards. I cherish them.

 It takes so little to show love.

 My heart often wings to the millions of ways that God shows us His Love.

Again and again. Day after day.

Do you see it? Do you catch the golden moments?

Do you see His writings in the sky?

 I love you. I love you. He whispers those words. Sometimes shouts them.

Hold those moments to your heart. In the midst of a crazy, impersonal world,

He loves you and wants you to know through all your dark days and hard moments.

 Two precious letters that I’ll carefully place within the pages of my Bible.

 Love that found me as a result of loss. I will never forget.

 Today, for some, is a very difficult day. Watching the florist truck pass your house again and again without stopping. Getting the mail and finding it empty. No Valentine greetings. And then kicking yourself for even hoping. For what?

 Some touch of love. Some sign of care.

But up till now there is none.

 May this Valentine blessing be yours. You are loved with an everlasting Love. (Jer.31:3)

He knows everything about you and loves you passionately. He writes His love for you on every flower, in every sunrise and sunset. For you. And His Love will never fade or change. It can’t get any better than that.

 Count on it.




  1. bbrunophotography

    This could not be more beautiful if God had penned it himself.
    Your writing cuts to the heart. Thanks for sharing so freely of yourself. I just love your writing and your devotion to God. And what sweet daughters you have raised…and oh, the sweet life lessons they’ll pass on to their children someday! Love you, Sharon!

    • heartprintscoaching

      Such powerful words of encouragement. Thank you Bonnie for so freely sharing.


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