Sep 8, 2011

 The flood waters are rising. The rains continue to pour. People have been evacuated but it appears the worse is still to come.

 My heart reaches out to Owego, New York. It’s the place where I left so many friends.

And I hold so many memories. Even today my friends in Owego continue to add so much beauty and joy in my life.

 But today I wait.

 My Father worked for IBM so we moved alot during my growing up years. At the beginning of sixth grade we moved to Owego from Kansas City, Mo. My fifth school. It was hard make friends but gradually I found my place.

 We lived on Front Street close to the Susquehanna River. I remember sitting on a bench and watching the river gently flow.  I could spend hours there,  it seemed,  lost in thought. Such a beautiful, quiet place.  Yes, in Owego a growing girl became a woman. Although I eventually moved away I have carried it in my heart. People, places, sights and sounds.

 So today as I continue to reports of the flooding and continued rains my heart is heavy. I cannot work. But I can pray.

 From here in my little townhouse in Virginia my prayers go to the place where I long to be. My prayers can do so much more than I could ever physically do.

 So I take comfort in knowing that He is there. Always working. Always caring. Always going before.

 I wait. He works.

 Maybe you too are waiting today. If so, remember He never fails. His eye is on the sparrow and  I know He cares for each and every one of you.


  1. bbrunophotography

    “My prayers can do so much more than I could ever physically do.”
    AMEN, Sharon. Amen.

    Joining you in praying for the folks there in the flood zone.


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