Way Up Above

Oct 2, 2013

5178_1096514091948_2806996_nIt was a momentary glimpse –

a beautiful  deep blue patch of sky that I saw on my walk early this morning.

All around was heavy grey and fog but this small blue looked down at me

as if waving

and my heart rejoiced and was glad.

But all too quickly it disappeared and was gone.

I went on remembering that patch of blue

I danced knowing the truth

that way above me

where my frail eyes could not see

the sky was a glorious, shimmering blue

I often find that I’m called to live focused above my circumstances.

All around me are problems and fears

Deep within some troubles and tears

But I live above knowing that all is well

Trusting Him Who reigns in the blue

Singing for joy as I rest in His Promises

Sharing this truth that is meant for you too.



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