What Step Will You Take?

Nov 10, 2011

Life is meant to be lived forward. Unfortunately it is all too easy to keep looking back. It happens to all of us. The lost job, the broken marriage, the untimely end of a relationship, the foolish decision. the flooded business. Before you know it guilt and frustration begins to seep into your thoughts and paralysis creeps over you. Why even bother moving forward, you ask.

Life is meant to be lived forward. Learn from the past. Yes, gather the principles and be willing to make changes. But keep moving forward. Mail out those resumes, go out on that date, reopen the doors of your business, make a wise decision to move forward.

It’s the attitude of moving forward that sets in motion the opening of a whole new chapter, a brighter season and a new life.

Do you believe this?

Remember those words “I press toward the mark.” (Phil. 3:14) That’s moving forward.

Ok, what step will you choose to take?


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