When God Restores

Jun 5, 2024

They were the tiniest little birds. Brown with speckles. Could have easily blended in with the seaweed.
But I noticed them as I sat on the huge rock looking out over the vast ocean.
Tiniest little birds – pecking away at something.
I kept watching them. First one. And then two birds.
It’s wasn’t long before there were six.
All pecking at something in the clumps of brown marine algae on the shore.
Then I saw it.
They were eating.
Yes, in those ugly clumps of algae God had provided food for the tiny birds.
My thoughts wandered back to how hungry and thirsty I had been lately.
Living through storms of another sort.
Trusting Him to provide for me.
And here I was
Resting by the shore.
Breathing in His Goodness.
Reflecting on His Provision.
Growing stronger every day.
Our loving Father feeds us as we journey through life and many times
I, at least, am not even aware.
That quiet time to heal. That kind friendship. That book I hadn’t even known existed but He led
me to pack in my suitcase. His Word – always rich with truth and life as He reveals Himself.
Yes, I’m like that feathered friend as I peck through the stuff
only to discover how richly He provides for me exactly what I need.
And like those tiny birds I want to share His Provision with others.
Come and see, I beckon.
Come away for awhile
and see how very good He is.


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