When Light Breaks Through

Apr 26, 2012


An ordinary day turns extraordinary in a moment.

A simple word. A deed of kindness.

A letter or email. A visit with a friend.

Sometimes it almost seems like nothing extraordinary is happening

but beneath the surface where we cannot see.

He works

He loves

He breathes life into places that might seem beyond hope.

No, He is the One who loves to give us an extraordinary day and life.

My heart is tuned to see His Touch

    And I rejoice when I see again

         the miraculous.

I celebrate when people are healed

    and hopes are restored.

Let’s be that hope in others lives.

Our world is hungry and thirsty to know that He is Real

   And that He cares.

Knows the numbers of the hairs on our head.

Knows our deepest thoughts

Knows our longings and desires.

Yes and He not only knows but He has promised to give us more than we ask or think

    as we trust Him

Like sunshine bursting through on a cloudy day

   He loves to wrap us in His Light

       And whisper to us assurance

            That He will never, never fail us.

His Light has broken through

Celebrate His tender mercies

    Open wide the windows of your heart

          And let His sunshine in.


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