When There Seems To Be No Hope

Apr 11, 2012

They walked the road with heavy hearts and weary bodies. The past few days had left them without hope and sunk in discouragement. Their leader, the One they had looked to with so much hope, had been crucified and now they were left. Alone.

Nothing mattered.


But suddenly One joined them on their journey. He listened to them and reminded them of Scripture. They had no idea Who it was. They asked this Stranger to stay with them and then while He broke the bread their eyes were suddenly opened.

They saw Him, the One they loved.

Their eyes met His and they knew it was He.

And although He disappeared their lives were never the same.

They knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that He lived.


God still loves to break into our lives and reveal Himself. Frequently it is when we are at the end of our ropes and we see no way to go on, that He gives us a glimpse of the Holy.

I sensed it myself walking through the crowded Frankfurt airport carrying my six month old newly adopted daughter and loads of luggage.

Weariness overtook me and suddenly I knew, there was no way that  I could make it to the gate. Time was running out.

Brushing the hair back from my face and whispering a prayer for help, I turned around and asked for assistance.

But one after another passed by without a glance in my direction.

Fear arose as I desperately looked all around for help.

As I turned back, readjusted the heavy load, I started walking.

I will never forget the kind man who came to my side, scooped up my bags like they were golf balls and moved quickly forward.

I raced to keep up with him calling the number of the gate.


As we arrived at the gate he put down my bags, gave me and smile and disappeared through the crowds.

It was a special time when He showed up. For hours as I sat in the plane heading back to the States my heart praised Him.

Love was there for me. Would always be there.

Love crucified arose and still wins the victory. Fears turned to praise. Hope restored.

Our greatest difficulty in life is only another opportunity for us to get fresh glimpse of His Love.

Look for Him along life’s journey today.

He is there.

In the midst of the ordinary.

Turning it into an experience of Grace.




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