When You Can’t See Anything

Oct 1, 2014

Shining moments –

I know they are there..all around us if we look

But lately the cloudiness of our world- the news, and recent deaths and heartaches

more than the actual cloudiness of this day

block my ability to see shining moments.

I looked at the blank page longing to write something

to encourage another on life’s journey

but nothing, absolutely nothing came to mind.

I was tempted to give up

To wait for another day and time

but maybe this is when I need to write the most about shining moments.

Suddenly it came to me.

A voice from the other side of the room.

“Write about them.”

There was nothing when I looked around me

But suddenly I turned and glanced within

and saw a shining moment.

Yes, stored within is a treasure house of shining moments

All waiting to be remembered and enjoyed again.

Memories of childhood

That special teacher that encouraged me

That friend who shared special times in choir and band

The walks to school shuffling the newly fallen leaves

Saugerties, New York and Owego, New York

Places where my heart still wanders from time to time.

My first day teaching school and all the many students

that I’ve been privileged to teach

over the years.

That accident avoided

That glorious service and playing the organ with all the pipes opened.

In His Time

In His Time

He makes all things beautiful in His time.

Holding a six month old precious little baby girl on a Christmas Eve many years ago

and then wonder of wonders

holding another tiny two year old as we landed in the US on a cold February afternoon.

Puppy dogs and sunny canaries

Ice cream moments and precious times with Nana and Papa.

Family times and moments with friends.

Helping this one and praying together side by side.

Shining moments?

Yes, they are all within

Just waiting to be remembered, enjoyed and shared.

And how about you?

What moments brighten your cloudy day?

Look deep within – You might be surprised.



    • SharonBrani

      Thank you, Mary. These are dark times, aren’t they and I’m amazed to see how He keeps shining His Light on those difficult moments giving us the strength to go on. I appreciate your leaving a comment to brighten me day!

  1. Joy Lenton

    What a beautiful and uplifting read! Thanks very much, Sharon, for this lovely reminder to seek sunshine moments in each day and increase our awareness of God’s goodness and grace. 🙂 x

    • SharonBrani

      How kind of you to leave a comment, Joy! Yes I used to look around but now I’m looking up and in. Amazing discovery that He keeps giving us shining moments no matter how bleak it might be around us. You could probably write a beautiful poem about this. 🙂

  2. Sally

    All by yourself, you’re a shining moment, Sharon! This is a beautiful blog post. Thank you for sharing your heart and insight and encouragement–and the purple blossoms! 🙂

    • SharonBrani

      Thank you, Sally. I really appreciate your kinds words. They encourage me to keep writing when all looks bleak around me. Thank you so very much for your comment!! Joy to you, my friend.


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