When You Hear That It Has To Go

Oct 29, 2014

Cut it out!

Get rid of it!

Throw it away!

And gradually the pumpkin was transformed into a beautiful jack o’ lantern.

We placed the candle inside the empty pumpkin, lit it

and suddenly the jack o’ lantern shone with brilliance that lit up the whole room.

Oohs and ahhs all over the place.

Cut it out!

Get rid of it!

Throw it away!

It’s all part of the transforming process, isn’t it?

We must wisely eliminate what is not necessary or what might distract from our life’s purpose.

As a writer, I continue to grapple with finding the right words,

I cross out and rewrite constantly

longing to express Truth in a way that can be understood and applied.

Like the pumpkin in transformation, I hunger to become all that He wants me to be.

I desire to learn and to be teachable.

Cut it out!

Get rid of it!

Throw it away!

Sometimes it’s painfully hard to hear that something has to go.

The knife of the wise Pumpkin Carver is sharp and purposeful.

He sees the intended outcome.

He knows what needs to be removed so that His Light can shine through.

Take my writing, Lord, and make it what You want it to be.

Teach me and give me a teachable heart.

Take my life, Lord, and have your perfect Way.

Take out and put in what is best

and give me a heart of patience with the process.

Shine through me with your bright Light

in a world the is desperately hungry and filled with anxiety.

May your Light be comfort and hope to those who stumble in the darkness.

Yes, have your way, Lord, in me.




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    • SharonBrani

      Thank you, Mary. I am grateful to have this post added on the Christian Poets & Writers blog. Blessings to you always.

    • SharonBrani

      Thank you, Dawn! I appreciate your comments. Blessings as you write.


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