When Your Vision Gets Blurry

Sep 16, 2013

heaven on earth 1When the fog thickens and your body wearies

when your hope  weakens

and your vision fails

it’s then that you’re tempted to make a bad decision.

David experienced it and so have we.

At the beginning of the journey when our hopes are so high

we turn to the Lord.

Automatically – everything gets brought before the Lord in prayer.

“I’ve got to pray about it,” we frequently say.

Like  David, the one who killed Goliath, who  regularly inquired of the Lord.

But then it changed.  He started to focus on Saul.

He first reasoned with his own thoughts.

“I will be destroyed,” he thought as fear took hold of him.

Our thoughts are never to be trusted

especially not  when we are weary and caught in a fog.

David gave himself some poor advice – “Now I will perish one day by the hand of Saul.”

Sunk deeper than he had ever been before

David forgot. Yes, he forgot the golden oil of Samuel on his face.

God had anointed him; God had reassured him again through Jonathan.

But in weariness

David lost his focus

and made the poor decision of holding out with the enemy.

So do we.

We stop resisting and look for temporary relief

but things only get worse leading to even more poor decisions.

When will we learn?

What will it take?

Like sheep we so often follow each other right off the cliff. Terrified.

Let’s do right what David did wrong.

Yes, let’s be quick to pray about everything.

God never pushes us away when we are tired or in the dumps.

He doesn’t turn away from us because we are overwhelmed again.

So the next time you begin to lack focus and the desire  to go on

seek wise counsel

and most of all, find your strength in  the Lord. (1Sam. 30:6)



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