Would You Change Anything If You Could Go Back?

Feb 18, 2015

I hadn’t been awake very long. Sleep still in my eyes, cobwebs in my mind

when I heard this jarring question

“Would you do anything different if you could go back?”

I began to think.

Would I?

So as I prepared for the day and now well into the day

I find myself still pondering that question.

On one hand, I know that I would do some things differently.

For one thing, I would love more.

Yes, truly, deeply love those close to me.

I find that when I ponder the years past that it all went too fast.

I’d love to hold hands and spend time together

making memories and getting to know each other at the deepest level.

Then, I’d want to laugh more and worry less.

Growing up I worried about everything. Most of it never happened

and the things that did,

well it never helped that I had worried myself into a frenzy.

No, life is for loving and laughing. Let God carry the rest.

Last, I would pack more living into my days.

The older I get the more aware I am that life is fleeting.

I’d go more places, take more adventures, build more friendships.

I’d listen more, talk less

dream more, fret less.

Try more things and slow down.

And most of all,

have brownies for breakfast.

Yes, I’m realizing that there’s a time to drop the list and expectations

and live each day like these are the only 24 hours we have.

Oswald Chambers said, “”Never limit God by remembering what you have done in the past. When you come into relation with the Reality of Redemption, God creates something in you that was never there before; it is the active working of the life of God in you; consequently you can do now what you could not do before. ”

Powerful thoughts that add wisdom to my musings today.

It’s a new day.

Let’s dGracie October 2014o what we could not do before.

I don’t know about you

but I’m going to bake some brownies

and have them for breakfast.