Wow- A New Way to Win

Feb 22, 2019

It might sound way too simple but I’ll ask you anyway.

What is one thing that you can do to boost your positive emotions, block fear and change your brain?

It’s almost too good to be true but research shows its effectiveness. Every time.

Are you ready for the answer? Gratitude.

Yes, being grateful. Intentionally.

Gratitude is an antidote to fear.

Fear focuses on all things that could go wrong.

But gratitude focuses on all the things that have gone right.

And when our gratitude is focused on all God’s blessings and provision

    we then have a powerful supply of gratitude.

Fear places us in a shaky position of insecurity.

But gratitude places on in a stable position of thankfulness.

You can’t be fearful and grateful at the same time.

It just doesn’t work.

So when facing a situation that causes you to begin to fear and grow anxious,

   take charge of your life.

  Change your thoughts and you’ll change your life.

Think – gratitude. What are you thankful for?

Stay with that thought. Are there more things you are thankful for?

  How else are you blessed?

See, the more we intentionally focus on those blessings, our brain changes.

Research shows that focusing on gratitude actually changes the molecular structure of our brain

   and makes us healthier and happier.

Isn’t that amazing?

Fear causes confusion.

Gratitude causes peace and a sense of well being.

Write a letter of gratitude to someone and that starts the healing process.

No longer do you need to feel helpless and out of control.

Gratitude therapy works.

And finally, don’t be discouraged if at first you find this difficult to do. Habits are formed by taking new small steps and doing it again and again.

Want to join the Gratitude Club?  It will change your life.


Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6,7 NIV





  1. Ruth

    Great post. Have always loved that verse. We are sometimes always searching for something or someone to make us happy when we just need to be grateful for what we have to be happy.

    • SharonBrani

      You are so right, Ruth. Gratitude changes our perspective creating health and blessing us in so many ways. Thank you for commenting. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement.

  2. Rayna Neises

    I love gratitude and what a powerful influence it is in my life. Thanks for the reminder to stay faithful to the disciple of gratitude.

    • SharonBrani

      Thank you, Rayna, for your encouraging words. Yes, it helps to be reminded, doesn’t it and what a powerful difference it makes. Thank you so much.


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