You Are Loved

Dec 12, 2011

Sitting in the doctor’s office for my routine check up this morning, I watched people of all ages coming in and going out. Christmas music played softly while mothers’ coaxed their restless children to be still. Older folks anxiously waited their turn. One song led to another while we all waited and listened.

Focus, I thought. This time is an opportunity. Use it wisely.

I tried to jot a few items down on my to-do list but seeing the length of the growing list made me sigh. So I finally put it away and decided to focus on the people in that room.

Each one was very different from the other but each one was also incredibly valuable.

Each one needed to know they were loved.

Each one sitting there needed to know that they were not alone.

The more I thought I decided to whisper a prayer for each person in that waiting room. One by one I began to pray with my eyes and heart open.

“Lord, at this very busy time of year, please be close to this dear person. Give them peace and the joy of your Presence.”

The more I prayed the less I was concerned about the wait and the more I realized the needs all around me.

Before I knew it my name was called and I rose to leave the waiting room.

My time there was done but the prayers I had said would continue. God heard my heart and He would answer those prayers. I have no doubt about that.

So, wherever you happen to be today, look around. Everyone around you needs to know that they are loved and that they are never, never alone.

Christmas can be hard. Research shows it is the most difficult time of year for many people. So take the time to reach out in care, to smile, to lend a hand, to whisper a prayer. The blessing you pass on will not only fill your heart with joy but will touch a life in extraordinary ways.


    You are deeply loved.

     And you are never, never alone.


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