You Can

Jan 25, 2012

“I think I can; I think I can; I think I can,” said the little Engine.

Remember the favorite children’s story?  I used to read it to may first graders

throughout the school year. They came to love it as much as I did and it’s truth sank deep into their minds and hearts.

The words that we say impact our actions.


I can’t control what happens to me but I can control how I perceive it and the words I choose to speak about it. I feel a tingle of excitement.

It has been said that we are either talking ourselves forward in life or we are talking ourselves stuck. Stuck brings to my mind my car stuck in the snow bank refusing to go forward or back. Helpless and hopeless. Life is not meant to be that way.

No, listen to your words. Pay attention to how you think.

Today is filled to overflowing with challenges but you are not alone. Neither am I.

With Jesus we can handle anything.

“I think I can”. Those words cause me to smile.

I think I can as I do the laundry, buy the groceries, sweep the porch, homeschool my sixth grader.

I think I can as I go to my office and share the hurts of so many people.

I think I can as I answer that call, pay that bill, write that article.

Because Jesus is with me breathing His Strength into my mortal bones.

Choose to think His Thoughts today.

‘All things are possible’ (Matthew 19:26)

‘Inasmuch as you do it unto the last of these you do it unto Me (Matt. 25:40)

“I have come to give you life, abundant life. (John 10:10)

Yes, now I feel it growing stronger within me.

I know I can. I know I can. I know I can. Like the little blue Engine making its way over the mountain, I know I can and so can you.

Believe it.




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